Pocket-Sized Selfie Drone

Pocket-Sized Selfie Drone

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Revolutionary pocket-size drone that uses WIFI to connect with your smartphone to let you take boundless HD photos of you, your friends, and your life from the sky. 

1. This four-axis aircraft for indoor flight and outdoor fly
2. 2.4GHz multi-band control system.
3. WIFI connection, HD CAM, 360 degree pattern roll, Altitude hold.
4. APP operation, Gravity sensor.
5. The aircraft are equipped with forward, backward, left and right steering, left and right side fly, no head, return, high school low three speed, hight pressure and 3D flip and other functions.
6. Folding body, small size, easy to carry

1. A key to take off, a key landing, turn left, right, up, down, rolling around, no head, a key return
2. Gravity sensor: tilt the phone through the hand movements, the aircraft can perceive the tilt angle of the phone, make the corresponding tilt side fly action
3. Forward backward turn left turn right and left to fly right.
4. A key to roll, 360 degree pattern roll
5. The headless mode of the compass, a return to easily recall
6. Mobile WiFi control, real-time transmission of mobile phone screen
7. Fixed height mode, flight / hover stability, landing stability

Charging time: 60 minutes
Flight time: 7- 8 minutes
Remote control distance: about 70 meters
Product Size: 16x16x3cm(Unfold)





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